Centova Cast v2 (6)

Useful information and fequently asked questions about Centova Cast.

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Useful information and frequently asked questions about Centova Cast V3.0

Sam Broadcaster (2)

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 How do I remove the covers and only display the track names (as the covers dont work properly in Centova Cast 2.2.4 or 2.2.6 anymore)?

You are correct the Amazon buy now imports are broken on Centova Cast 2.2.4. There are two things...

 How do I change the password to my Centova Cast v2 Server?

Centova Cast v2 Servers have 2 passwords. The Source(DJ) Password is the password used by...

 How do I set up my Auto DJ in Centova Cast v2?

Setting up your Centova Cast v2 Auto DJ is easier than you think. We have made some step-by-step...

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