I cant see the covers even after entering the Amazon affiliate login and refreshing the playlists.

The recent tracks list on my start page is not showing CD covers and Buy Now links from Amazon® (for some or all of my media).  How do I fix this?
Please check the following items:
  1. Did you enable Amazon integration as described in How do I set up Amazon® integration?  You must enable Amazon integration before the CD covers and Buy Now links are displayed.

  2. Did you enter a valid Amazon Web Services Access Key ID in the Amazon Access Key ID field?  Note that you cannot just make up a value, nor can you use your referrer ID or any of various other tokens you may have received from Amazon.

  3. Have you added media to your library since enabling Amazon integration?  Note that for performance reasons, CD covers and Buy Now links are only retrieved from Amazon when your media is imported.  If you imported any media before enabling Amazon integration, that media will not include CD covers or Buy Now links.

    If you wish to add CD covers and Buy Now links to your existing media, you can force an update (on the Playlists page, click "Update Media Library", and then when it finishes, click "Perform full library update") to pull in the Amazon data for existing media in your library.

  4. Are you certain that the media in your library exists at Amazon?  Note that for obvious reasons, Amazon.com will only provide CD covers and Buy Now links for media it stocks.  Other media will show no CD covers or Buy Now links in your Recent Tracks list.

  5. Are you certain that the track titles and artist names in your media are correct, and that they match the titles and names in the Amazon catalog?

    When looking up CD information, Centova Cast simply cleans up your track titles and artist names, and then passes them directly to Amazon and requests that Amazon perform a search.  If Amazon cannot locate those names using its own internal search functionality, you will not see any CD covers or Buy Now links.

  6. Are you certain that your track titles and artist names do not contain any unusual prefixes or suffixes (such as "Track Name - REMIX!" or "Hot new song by Artist Name")?

    Centova Cast does its best to try to clean up track titles and artist names (removing extraneous text such as "remix" or "featuring so-and-so") before sending them to Amazon, however it is virtually impossible to account for every potential textual appendage.  Your best bet is to ensure that your media's metadata (i.e., ID3 tags) are accurate, concise, and correct, and do not contain any extraneous text which may confuse Amazon's search API.
If you have checked all of the above and are still experiencing problems, it is likely that you are not using a valid Amazon access key ID and/or that your key has been disabled.
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