What Is Shoutcast V2?

SHOUTcast v2 is the newest version of the cross-platform and proprietary software used for streaming media across the Internet. Nullsoft updated SHOUTcast to v2, allowing enhanced features and access to the new YP2 system. It is still supported by major media players such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp, QuickTime, and RealPlayer. Many mobile applications are also available, allowing listeners to tune in from cellphones, tablet PCs, and other mobile devices. Listeners do not need to make any changes to connect to SHOUTcast v2 servers. They can still use the same devices they used for connecting to SHOUTcast v1 servers.

Shoutcast V2 Features

  • Serving multiple streams from a single server instance
  • Relaying multiple streams from a single server instance
  • Multiplexing all server activity through a single IP port
  • 2 wire protocol support for sources, relays and clients
  • Repackaging of SHOUTcast 1 and SHOUTcast 2 data as needed
  • YP2 infrastructure support
  • Real-time metadata and statistic reporting
  • Static station id support
  • In-stream metadata in standardised xml files
  • UTF-8 and international character encoding
  • Improved server and stream security

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Shoutcast Hosting Features


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